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If you haven't already, and you're just now visiting our website again... Join the discord server:

Previous staff and other members are still having discussions about different things there. Come say hello!


Our website is back online. The original staff of Yanille will not be hosting any servers. However, from here on, we'll be letting previous community members host their own servers.

If you would like your server added to the Play Now page, join Discord and message me.


I have spent the last few days working on something probably no other server has, 100% clan chat. I just updated the server/client to make use of the work I have put into it.

You can rank anyone you want (as long as they are on your friends list) and you can set the minimum requirements to enter your chat, talk in the chat, or kick in the chat. You can also change the chat name or disable your chat completely.

When you log out while in a clan chat it will be saved so that the next time you log in you will automatically join the clan chat you were in when you logged out.

Kicking users means they can not re-join for an hour. If all the people in the clan chat leave, however, all kicks (temporary bans) will be lifted and they will be able to join again.

In other news:

  • We have a PK point shop located north of Yanille. You can trade Mazchna to cash in your points for rewards. You can get PK points by killing other players.
  • We have also added some new items to the range shop west of Yanille. Go check it out!
  • Dice bags have been given to a select few individuals. Don't bet everything you have, be smart!