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Default Help!!!
W0w help me if i type in: i get this:
]s8T*̔%O9~eoxg擋i %jHʎ/d;I,@'gjM"uoOT k=uۙӳg~CA+ʒ LYhV \6kA$f4k_ς _.|P(HAv AB[h~1X͐ɱ:U[:桿z O}φVMϧzqG?jD/Éwݑw \QMx(N*5$h_{3*H|oP[U n ~$55[MRv$5xM8W=%@<7x4~ۏ5 gAu|gsi{b i/ǘPFYx|lco{TF@zϒsɀX6^S3 .? ų>Ԣ"op%W/vG:yY ]Y$eԱ"e;ǛPaG5Q; !2% 2E4jgYތ=ONNlaeЙvhΐ+_ߜ~0 y4EXV5Z~D-Y4E`/TN`1T Ņz$^ݺj'b"ކ'W *72vK mόQзVX}k4-N -꾫AZaR$|,QUHz/`_/TtLm5s2]eyZx [O$Z22s{`U'7#K7'1^0^n1>Ce 5+7*QbYYk`R>(A*: oV*b0T:Ux:hiک;@RMɌA) Ռrm aq:3PFMЇ^x@1GYئ? Bmjx,) ]P TO9a1;Y?\A AJday8mM " uxQ-v hE C +y 3A<|SFrWZprF0Tڨ 0 }? G1I| !B~UN( C+A4<ז[|%ˀʼ!ʧ_Ѹhl9GnWIh TfH4<f <cL(y, Ǎ] ?EK--Z t]__Tj/˛T+&Ϛ^8hd1}%qib"@]*v*v4"ӦqSԶ܎֛.\^[5_ \^'**;~guB?s_隯Qk[ .r7`8vE<]YpUxCW_@#,kJ -(Wc` dhb滴z|]wj2 RPF =Pvz](1eWI wRL#T}/Es{F@[fCz x)kHE-5cXqH:jfAF5*ɲy""2i4 Ы MQj Z/̍dE7 r#Bت!~p_'@p76+6LM?oB+= ׁO[HQ: Dj&@cUu@z A+ Qp9_ck+.iVxTXVɱFEn\s) ; LS6s+lˊ-}uF4 qL{Yt<k^uMD )nc9KN9~&ClՄm+ir] Y6Ԧ)Hz@RA |Dbљp)\<҅NQKF]4ZI;F)N{F!iGC>n&> Ae;E Y/*aUu\Wl" A.W b*& *Z\O!wrѮ$m%0ܰș9~Ffko5eh`ݞ Ij1ʅk|cZ}(PzG k)WH*#:, i%/rg[U}D{$Φ! WZ-5D6 X-]);_=e M xD^Lڳ̖ͳq]䪒 U/<cfX1CsZ6NTE8RG9>GAY"H ɔض갰t囚_*bhT5҂0b6B\ m5 ׋[|*'$ E(vu9 PkZ۳oAnHʳY,kz' F|XƢ=ejaQB/4q "be,'d!.;񮤄dj̤0f!| DYz@A;N`&"%]|-ѺS ksxN0({AIx]Q!_#\89ZS䈻ۼ www %ڣR(;Gl|`PENgPfpҤ(q*\ ZdfTIw.`g@UT B1겻*f$vA?ΥFw{÷,T͒.y:G CclIyt4:yy=Czj6үɢ B8U_,i, Zwij^u$H)Q7 eG\ Z)^:׉+㝬 ;*Ҍ{ ]rT޽SM]$WEyҼ -[ wlmBnsS.qnDF,Y ŤAWf8FE Rs07vET(WxOv 祩Q2e~\dv9dN :r؍<ˋ;N:K)eUcl%I2l `}-E`;0mOi8yPU)![]~љx&PX ŷeV q\Z('*w7!:ӬWlڷ*}kɻ nKh`>y_:7q|9 S~upvawu0=xnryR0 o*n<Q-\g>~@ZXrח_ϳ _o}g77_߸6wVl w}g`~Wo^8!Hlx+H" *x=^z*5Kݮ~qto(zS(Ֆ;չr& woLuNEîܤ]Iw0[p۬ D0-H gL,`"9&= A NRQ*<ʼeb*@)"ϔZ;^Da_,X DK q @6rEMqkYp|$uץ~CA2[?ΰ_f8sh:R*"97tFKᙩDη* GdSZq!BKtZJE$ G "g5 & !j2lnZGȝdO Cvm!@RVV~8%őrR;zW՘лG*^ kW]4{ae_9uI4dzS@(pd i`6}6ˋVt)J{)BD?'VsFOY#j]$BAsU(0+*uet+ ^]1Ubj2Уu]UA3hh® ˍ+CK&#e6~< wd͛KǃpX>ZI͓)Wr{o*i F~ O*<h zi+](Z*~ɟಷ W.>^7go?~ /7+]!>KE_Cl+ꂜCLUޒ.[ ~6WasN8?!\`k_*%uFns=iF !6eXaԎc'd"|ʯBxaUF3/ù,m>  T֜*(K9mbJhlxr ZGݯ <:3blƀ A8 m(>Uqjb-*2uY0}Jq*iڪWSxiFkQ$I a.}%x$|%VoM;*֧^pn9e$ չInieX9oc1Kf#(Ũ uVU l-mCZGg8 [*?b=cNqhg=]k!* JDQ)5,HkP:kXDt>w Jf*vA Q5h>5;Bs"V5pNDǐ6UM_zھ M:j$u<ji?& OV`,G (v:{ ʐr 8IY{sH", 凶&ᙄȀi%Y0zxVR_9NfK&b0 kbFAdBIgjEa3jw: UԲV#Ns6JA $K,~TSx\.ڿ5x]ޕDv69iBM )5I=. dfݢ(m4|~}2UһK';G*8Y52 ! 69#g[.F*դ,Q3 P V()qK*,y YҚJEx&u+^#BpÍIJ*&~ID|q.8 Zo {tĤq{ZHǕ}gfGV{XC5?z=)xX^ lHQ}fG; :`"kޢPcheZ NF,%T;PvX+FZ^aK!TQ _X2i," N34 *v*u!u:<(XY וCga}^>eqxL W8sV*TҥB6*ollnn5mA; gowwocN} nh"<أͻݮGx>~ rPxc<sMQ uQ{.5(<9G78˓nSFgאN +\FflQ44htط5yE-0_1'Wjwby]#l6zĸͮ+)'GD[OP- yr.B|O/wa6_>WH"p(HB4>C1hI_ 6 5m1DxVY>2l> j&+Q! xRU}n z6CMYʡ#mP-+t+~ 0iD@v~x^IMB{,\&_ MבLAgԤPk9|eYLWB5XF x*l`WGV-‘{[Bڬe6EŦ. ,iGrk r _w$t*)).cN1 pKteT\bȵU4:Pb.n)Y\-4H APCR14>mt`*o~ݳѓRܔ4VABߢ"_ ";X;ڡ._Ţc<m {L7N)]gƁ?3/ŋ쵎F 2xP$P&'Y`yX6 PطvgQNEN|g ڶ&l|+;

What to do????
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Default Re: Help!!!
Get a new computer.

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Default Re: Help!!!
Originally Posted by Boxy Brown View Post
Get a new computer.
100% Support
Signatures are abusing the freedom of the web and only consuming internet space and time. Use a signature at your own risk, it might even end in a death penalty.

...but who cares...
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Default Re: Help!!!
Hmmmm this happens to some users... Try checking your internet settings, sometimes things are changed and will show the script instead of the client. If this does not work try using another browser such as firefox, opera, google chrome or something else. If this does not help I can try to help you via teamviewer just pm me on the forums if the others steps do not work.

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